*sees dog while in the car*

*turns around in seat to watch dog until its out of sight* 


If You Didn't Think I'd be Paying Attention to When Rei and Minako Interacted You Were Wrong: The Photoset

aaaaaand i just saw kenji get fancast as a white dude and boom went the happy mood

seriously people???? SERIOUSLY??? kenji kishimoto is a whitebread mcwhiteypants?????


Kenji Kishimoto + vanity

I know I am an extremely attractive man, J, but I am not Bruce Lee.


friendly reminder warner could’ve easily defended himself and escaped omega point when he was being held hostage but he decided not to because he wanted to take a vacation 


the most important things to know about aaron warner, the chief commander and regent of sector 45 and scary bad guy 

  • he’s ticklish and he’s mad about it
  • he’s afraid of spiders
  • he hums in the bathtub 


ya lit meme: 2/10 series or books → shatter me series by tahereh mafi

This isn’t about Adam or Warner. This is about me and what I want. This is about me finally understanding where I want to be in ten years. Because I’m going to be alive, Kenji. I will be alive in ten years, and I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be strong. And I don’t need anyone to tell me that anymore. I am enough, and I always will be.


Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me: a summary.


Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me: a summary.

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